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Archiving Printed


In 2010, after the Arcadia publication of Images of America. Jamaica Estates by the Aquinas Honor Society the Jamaica Estates Association requested the assistance in sorting through boxes of Jamaica Association bulletins dating back to the first issue in 1931. The students arranged all the issues in chronological order and preserved each issue in protective clear sleeves and placed them in hard cover binders. It took them many months to make this catalog of JEA bulletins possible but the results were impressive. They offer a wonderful glimpse into the history of the Jamaica Estates community, decade by decade, At one of the JEA Board Meeting a representative of the Aquinas Honor Society presented the JEA board with their finished work.


JEA members review old materials with students


Materials included old maps and documents


Students enjoying the process of organizing the history of the Jamaica Estates Association


Ring binders for each decade of bulletins

Digital Archives of Bulletins

Shown below are copies of JEA bulletins from the current year to 2007 when they were first produced digitally.

2018 Bulletins

2017 Bulletins

Jamaica Estates Bulletin

January 2017

Jamaica Estates Bulletin

March 2017

Jamaica Estates Bulletin

May 2017

Jamaica Estates Bulletin

May 2017 (alternate)

Jamaica Estates Bulletin

November 2017

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