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Jamaica Estates Association Security Patrol


Security: No matter how beautiful a neighborhood nor how effective its schools, people will not be attracted to it unless they feel it is a safe neighborhood.  We are located in the 107th precinct. Statistics rate it as one of the safest in the city.  


Enhancing our security, the JEA has maintained its own private security patrol for several decades. The patrol tours the Jamaica Estates community on a regular basis to detect anything or anyone that appears suspicious and reports this to the local precinct for immediate follow up action.


All residents who elect to join the paid Jamaica Estates Security Patrol are given a contact number with which they can call directly from their home or cell phone to alert the patrol of any suspicious persons or activity.

JEA 2024 Membership and Security Patrol ($365):

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JEA Security Patrol ($300):
(only use if you are already a 2023 JEA member)

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Jea Security Patrol 2015 Membership Driv
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