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Maintaining the beauty, character, and quality of life in the Jamaica Estates community is an on-going task, but it is a valued and rewarding commitment met by our officers, board of directors and involved residents.

Working together with our local elected officials, our unstinting efforts have made all the difference when we compare our community to other areas.

We invite all residents to participate in our mission to protect zoning, abate crime, and promote education, diversity, and leadership, and provide for the social interests of all members of the Jamaica Estates community.

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JEA 2020 Membership and Security Patrol ($235):

JEA 2020 Membership ($35):

JEA Security Patrol ($200)

(only use if you are already a 2020 JEA member): 

If you prefer to mail a check, simply print, complete and mail the Membership Application form below and with a check for your Dues to: The Jamaica Estates Association, P.O. Box 660086, Flushing, NY 11366-0086

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