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JEA Gardening Club

The Jamaica Estates is a unique housing estate of approximately 14,000 residents  living in about 1800 single family detached houses. The estates has a suburban flavor as it is relatively quiet  with tree lined streets within the densely populated borough of Queens.  It is very close to major transportation systems, highways, and a major university.  The estates is beautiful, particularly in the spring and summer because of its landscape, green lawns and flower gardens that its residents are very mindful about.

A nice garden is not only increases property value, it is a healthy inexpensive physical and mental activity that brings people closer to nature.  It reduces stress and increase a sense of wellness and belonging. It adds beauty to the neighborhood and increase awareness and appreciation for nature. Additionally, growing one’s own fruits and vegetable is a very satisfying activity.​

Spring Planting at Greenstreets Triangle

Since most residents living in single family houses in the estates involve some form of gardening, it  benefits the residents to have a garden club in various ways.  It creates an opportunity for  residents of diverse racial, social, religious and cultural backgrounds to meet their neighbors,  share gardening techniques and gardening challenges and other related issues and work side-by-side on common goals and benefit.

The activities of the club include :

  • Organize periodic meetings of club members to discuss and share issues and techniques related to gardening

  • Advise JEA on neighborhood beautification matters

  • Assist the JEA Parks & Landscape Committee

  • Organize seminars and workshops on various aspects of gardening

  • Organize an annual gardening competition among JEA members

  • Creating and maintain a WEB page within JEA website featuring  beautiful gardens, tips of gardening etc.

Daffodils 2007 small.jpg
JEA Gardening Club - QBG Event.jpg
JEA Gardening Club at Queens Botanical G

Gardening Club volunteers take a break from spring planting at the Greenstreets triangle at Midland Parkway and Surrey Place.

Springtime blossoms at the Greenstreets triangle.

Gardening Club members enjoying a lecture by the arborist at the Queens Botanical Garden.

GC Group 1.jpg

Viewing the extensive cactus collection of Norman Bobrow.

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Gardening Club Dolores Tour.jpg
Heading 6
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